Catalog, Museum Chelm/Poland, 2010

"Dirk Rathke, Arne Schreiber, Rainer Splitt - Ein Latt I Trzy Przestrazenie Dla Chelma", Galerie 72, Muzeum Ziemi Chelmskiej, 2010

Catalogue of the exhibition "Dirk Rathke -
wall objects, paintings and drawings"
HAUSER HOFMANN, Thayngen / CH 2008

Catalogue of the exhibition
"Room Drawing for Neuherberg and Wall Objects"
GSF Neuherberg, 2006.
12 pages with a documentation of the drawing room,
text by Sabine Ziegenr├╝cker. 26 x 21 cm

Catalog, 2001

Catalog in German and English with 64 pages
and numerous illustrations of the wall objects,
room drawings and objects in space.
And with contributions by Matthias Bleyl and Dirk Koppelberg.
24.5 x 21 cm, published by Galerie Markus Richter,
Berlin 2001, ISBN 3-00-008549-1

Leporello, 2000

21 x 20 cm